Saturday, 1 September 2012

Temple Run On ARMv6 CPU - T-Mobile Vivacity etc

Hi. I'm sure you are wondering about Temple Run on the T-Mobile Vivacity, San Francisco II and others.

It is not supported because Temple Run will not run on ARMv6 CPU's, but here is a link to Temple Run that does work. 

** Temple Run may lag or glitch, however the 1.0.4 update seems to have corrected this**

To install, place to SD card and install the .apk file. If you cannot find the file, download a file manager to locate the file. Link is here

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Friday, 31 August 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich On The T-Mobile Vivacity and Co.

Hi. For anyone out there who have one of these phones:

  • T-Mobile Vivacity - Perfect
  • Orange San Francisco - Perfect
  • ZTE Blade II **
  • ZTE Crescent **
  • Telenor Touch Plus 
There is hope, and the guys over at MoDaCo and CyanogenMod built an Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.4) and Jelly Bean (4.1.1) ROM 

* I am writing a blog about this to get this publicised more, I did not contribute much and the awesome developers will be credited for their work*
**Some problems with TPT may/will occur**

Ice Cream Sandwich looks like this:

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

If you brick your phone, its not my fault, don't complain to me, you took the risk, you take the punishment

Instructions: - If your phone is rooted, skip steps 4 to 10

This ROM is for the San Francisco II

This ROM is for the T-Mobile Vivacity, Telenor Touch Plus and others

This is Darktremors A2SD (App To SD) Scripts *optional*

  1. BACKUP EVERYTHING - just in-case of an error. Backup to the SD and an external location
  2. Download the files you need, Google Apps and any optional downloads:

    This ROM is for the San Francisco II

    This ROM is for the T-Mobile Vivacity, Telenor Touch Plus and others
    Google Apps:

  3. Move all the zip files to your SD card
  4. Go to the market and download and install an app called TPT Helper
  5. For Vivacity, click here and download the TPT
  6. For San Francisco, click here and download the TPT       *Downloading the wrong file may cause a brick so be careful!*
  7. Copy the file (eg to the root of your SD card
  8. Open TPT, and Follow all the steps in order from Unzip the file. If it asks you where you saved the file, type Vivacity-v2c and OK
  9. Follow all the steps, (check md5sum, unzip etc)
  10. Press Start TPT
  11. Boot in to Recovery by turning the phone off, and turning it on while holding the volume down key
  12. In recovery, use the volume buttons to navigate and select 'Wipe Data/Factory Reset' by pressing the home button
  13. Select 'Install zip from sdcard' -> 'Choose zip from sd card' -> Your chosen ROM
  14. Then 'Install zip from sd card' -> 'Choose zip from sdcard' -> Google apps
  15. If you chose to install A2SD 'Install zip from sd card' -> 'Choose zip from sdcard' -> A2SD
  16. Finally 'Reboot System Now'
  17. The first boot will take 1-3 mins, give it time
  18. Then set up Google account, sync etc.
  19. Enjoy your phone with ICS!

If you wonder what the Android like Nyan Cat is, it is an Easter egg when you open up about phone and repeatedly tap on Android Version 4.0.4

If for some reason you get stuck, message me and I will provide help, or go to MoDaCo's website.

  • tilal6991 - for being awesome, helping with getting started and offering a ton of advice and fixes
  • Fuzzra - getting this off the ground in the first place, we wouldn't be here now without his initial work!
  • Fuzzra and UndauntedOlly - Orange UK Signal Boost!
  • TomGiordano - the ZTE overlord.
  • fr0do - the awesome Vivacity guinea-pig with getting the buttons fixed up!
  • The entire CyanogenMod team - we'd be pretty stuck without them!
  • Me, Nandoez for uploading this :D